Een betaalbaar serveer systeem voor bag in box wijnen

Wine Support is an advisory / intermediate between importers and producers bringing together importers without a purchasing team, or producers without his/her own export network. Always our focus is on wine(s) from Organic grapes, or Bio-Dynamic production.

Once we have brought two parties together we step aside and leave the importer to do direct business with the producer. At a later moment we can of course be contracted by either one in order to help make a marketing plan, product mailings or activate the food & wine press.

Our fee is very reasonable. Please contact us for more details.

Wine Support is run by Sophie Baranger, ex export manager of an internationally orientated Negoçiant in Bordeaux & Nico McGough, former wine merchant and founder of many award winning wine firms, chosen as wine merchant of the year, and Best Wine retailer in The Netherlands'.

Wine Support features Tap de Vin the wine pouring system & La Poignée Hercule, the grip on wine.